LinkAider features quality control tools every webmaster can use.
Improve your website rankings. Save your reputation, your time.

Find broken links
Broken links can ruin a first impression and your visitors can’t access the information they need. Don’t risk your reputation. LinkAider can find these broken links so you can fix them to ensure higher search engine rankings for your pages. Broken links could also affect your quality score with Google AdWords – keep these types of click-through promotion costs down using LinkAider.

Find crawling problems
LinkAider can “crawl” your site’s pages and index everything – just like Google and Yahoo web spiders. If LinkAider can’t reach your pages, you can bet that the search engines can’t either. To make sure you increase your search rankings (and get more visitors!), LinkAider can identify these crawling errors so you can find and fix what you need before the next search engine spider visits.

Catch server failures
LinkAider’s reports can reveal serious internal server errors that are rarely detected by using a browser. Make sure you catch those page errors after a server upgrade or server configuration change. Don’t take the risk with your online business.

Know what you are linking to
Don’t link up with strangers! Use LinkAider to detect link spammers (link hosts) and make sure that someone is not spamming your message boards or comment forms systematically. LinkAider lists all of your links and makes it easy to search and find any spammers.

Find duplicate page titles
Google, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) experts and other search engines recommend that duplicate page titles and content be avoided. LinkAider can help you eliminate duplicates.

Find large pages or images
Visitors don’t wait while your pages load into the browser. LinkAider tracks compressed and uncompressed page sizes to help you optimize the time it takes to load the page. What are the biggest pages on your site?

Fast data filters
Analyze the data you need – fast. LinkAider uses fast and efficient technology for searching, grouping, and filtering. All of the data will be at your fingertips while you inspect your website.

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