What for?

Find broken links

Setup and monitor your websites with LinkAider with a few clicks. Our web crawler checks your website’s consistency on a scheduled basis so you don’t have to worry about lost pages or daily check by hand if your site is available. LinkAider’s crawler can help you discover broken links, server errors and more.

Monitor your website’s health

Are you worried about the spammers hurting your site? Have you heard the stories about hacked sites that spammers took advantage of? LinkAider can monitor your websites health, better than anyone else. Our smart reporting module can alert you about the bad links you might be afraid off. LinkAider can detect website hacks, hidden content, links to the spam sites and more.

Automate your seo tasks

With LinkAider you can analyze your websites topology on the fly. Find most linked pages, analyze anchor text, find duplicate titles. LinkAider runs various tests against every page of your site, so you don’t have to worry if you missed some page while running such tests by hand.

Share reports with a single click

You can share your findings with your friends or colleagues with a single click. Every report can be exported to CSV or shared online.

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Wait! There is more

LinkAider lets you analyze your webpages’ speed and our smart filters are extremely fast. It doesn’t matter if your website is enterprise grade or home business. You can slice and dice the data in seconds.

Not convinced yet? Check our features page, or dig into examples to see it in action. Wonder if LinkAider is right for you? Here is a big list of tasks you could do to improve your website’s performance in search results.


– Fast and reliable

Our crawlers run from a powerful data centre connected to very fast broadband line. As a result, crawling is always more effective than from your home or office.

– Enterprise grade

Ever thought about crawling a Wikipedia and/or any other big site? We can do it.

– Cross-platform (export to CSV)

You don’t need to install any software on your computer. LinkAider is available for Mac, Windows and Linux machines. 🙂 You can also export our reports to CSV and use them from any spreadsheet software you like.

– Accessible everywhere

You can access reports from anywhere.

– Free for small sites

LinkAider checks 500 pages for free. Even if your website has more pages, usually 500 pages check is enough to spot serious problems.

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